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At Global Data Now, we don’t just compile and sell B2B email lists. We strive to help you stay competitive by providing solutions to some of the most common and frustrating issues related to marketing your business. It’s our goal to help you put an end to lost time and wasted money on inferior lists. Consider us your partner for all direct sales and marketing campaigns, providing you with the highest quality off-the-shelf company lists, custom-built email lists and technology databases at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions.

What Global Data Now Can Do For You

Finding the right provider of email lists and business databases can be difficult – after all there are a lot of poor quality companies out there peddling inferior data. Here’s proof that we understand the problems and frustrations you face with marketing, and how we can connect you with the perfect solution.

Problem: Dealing with Limited Contact Details

Everyone knows that truly integrated multi-channel marketing campaigns are by far the most effective, but traditional sources make this nearly impossible and/or extremely expensive. Ideally you want to be able to identify your prospects and stay in front of them with a combination of email marketing, phone engagement, online marketing and direct mail. Most sources will rent you the physical addresses and phone numbers, but you cannot send emails out to these contacts. A rented list provides you with no email contacts, limiting your reach and engagement with your target audience.

Our Solution

Global Data Now provides complete contact details for every business in our database. This includes:

  • Company Name
  • Full contact name (separated into first and last name)
  • Title
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Country
  • Main Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Company URL or division URL
  • Vertical Market / SIC codes (for most records)
  • Annual Revenues (for most records)
  • Number of Employees (for most records)

All emails go specifically to the contact; there are no general emails such as info@xyz.com. This allows you to design a well-rounded marketing campaign that puts you in front of your prospects using email, phone calls, and direct mail.

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Problem: List Rental Fallout

Traditional list rental sources force you to repurchase lists every time you run a new campaign and go through the hassle of explaining exactly what you’re sending to each prospect, when it is being sent, etc. This can be both costly and time consuming. It also typically prevents companies who are conscientious of licensing issues from importing these rented lists of contacts into their CRM solutions. List brokers have been known to sue their current and former clients over licensing and usage violations from rented contacts. A marketing department walking on egg shells for fear of list rental usage violations and court costs should never be a concern when it comes to marketing.

Our Solution

Global Data Now eliminates this concern by providing unlimited licenses with every list. You can send the prospects you purchase from Global Data Now an email tomorrow, a direct mail piece next week, give them a call the week after that, and repeat indefinitely without ever paying to rent the list again. Once you purchase access you are free to use your list in any legal manner with the exception of reselling those lists. If you’re interested in selling our email and business databases we can provide you with additional details on a number of our reseller programs. Email info@globaldatanow.com for more information.

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Problem: You Deserve a Guarantee

Traditional list sources do not stand behind their data. If they sell you a contact and that contact left the company 10 years ago, you typically have no contractual right to recourse. Buying an email list from a traditional broker is a game. You’re left hoping that at least a portion of the data will be somewhat accurate. However, as most sales and marketing professionals know, this is not always the case. Too many businesses wind up with a lot of outdated records that cost top dollar.

Our Solution

Global Data Now guarantees every record will be accurate and deliverable, or we will replace, credit or even refund you for those inaccurate records. Our guarantee extends for 60 days beyond the date of purchase.Even if the data becomes “bad” or undeliverable after we provide you with the data.This provides you with a sort of an insurance policy for up to 60 days from the initial date of delivery.

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Problem: Old, Recycled Data Provides No Leads

With traditional brokered sources you can purchase lists from a variety of sources and you’re still left with much of the same tired old data. This is because most list brokers are simply recycling the data from the same sources. What’s worse is that many provide no fact checking or contact verification to ensure those contacts are even viable leads.

Our Solution

At Global Data Now we compile our data from the Internet, phone calls, and other forms of primary research, so it’s not the same B2B email lists and company data that traditional list brokers are passing around. Realizing that the Internet is not always the most reliable source for data, everything we compile is run through a rigorous verification process to ensure the highest level of quality.

Problem: Coping with Minimal After-Sales Support

Traditional list sources and brokers have notoriously poor customer support and often give you the run-around or transfer you endlessly, always suggesting that you need to talk to someone else.

Our Solution

Every customer is personally handled by one of our Account Representatives who you can always contact via phone or email. When you’re in charge of marketing for a business you don’t have time to waste. You will always be able to reach out to a representative when you need assistance.You won’t have to play phone tag and you will not get a different person each time you call.

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Problem: Blowing your Budget on Bad Email Lists

Historically companies have paid through the nose for quality comprehensive data such as that provided by Global Data Now, and “cheap” data was only available if you were willing to work with dirty, outdated, incomplete data such as that provided by most of the well-known sources. For years, email list marketing has been a hefty gamble with a low rate of return on poor quality lists.

Our Solution

Many of Global Data Now’s feature databases are priced in the $.10 to $.20 per record range, making them as “inexpensive” as many other sources that provide rented data with no email addresses and no guarantee. We often call our data an “apples to oranges” comparison with our competition, because when you consider the offer of a golden apple for about the same price as a rotten orange, the decision is easy.

Marketing your business should be simple. Let us show you how targeted B2B email lists can be an affordable, effective means to grow your business.

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