Super List’s

Super List’s


Global Data Now has done it again with the introduction of Super List’s:

  • Direct Dials
  • Social Media Links
  • Direct Email Address
  • Devices Used
  • Physical Address
  • Full Name
  • Title’s
  • and so much more…

What exactly is a Super List?

  • 100% direct dial phone numbers (no gate keepers)
  • Every record has at least one social media link (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc.)
  • Many records come with devices used (i.e. ipad, iphone, Android, Mac, Windows, etc.)
  • Our most complete and accurate records, including emails, titles, address, company info, employees, revenue, SIC codes, and much more

Imagine what you could do with these lists:

  • Super charge your inside sales or telemarketing campaigns with 100% direct dial phone numbers.
  • Use social media to understand what makes your prospects tic before you call or email them.
  • Get more results from more accurate and up to date data.

Most of the lists are verified through hundreds of contact hours and online campaigns. All of the information is proprietary, self-reported, or derived from sources of public record. All data is obtained legally, ethically, and in compliance with all FTC laws and regulations.

The result of our work is a unique selection of Super List’s you can choose from as an off-the-shelf solution. This gives you thousands of business contacts at a fraction of the cost without compromising on the quality of the business data.

Our Current Super List’s Include:

5,000 HR Decision Makers for $1,850
10,000 IT Decision Makers for $2,500
and growing…


Don’t Forget About Our Bulk Featured Databases Include:

100,000 Sales Decision Makers for $7,500
100,000 IT Decision Makers for $7,500
100,000 IT Sub-Managers for $7,500
100,000 HR Titles for $7,500
100,000 Finance Decision Makers for $7,500
100,000 Marketing Decision Makers for $7,500
100,000 CEOs, Presidents, Owners (Top Level) for $7,500

100,000 Operations Titles for $7,500
100,000 C-level Decision Makers for $7,500
100,000 Lawyers and Attorneys for $7,500
100,000 Small Business Owners for $7,500
100,000 Real Estate Agents and Brokers for $7,500
100,000 Physicians for $7,500

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Our Super List’s Business Database Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of the records in our databases. However, considering the volume of data that we work with, we realize that you may eventually encounter a few duplicate records or invalid addresses. To rectify this we offer a 60 day guarantee on all of our business database records. If you find one or more invalid records, we will replace those flagged records once you notify us with details on the disqualification.

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