Socially Intelligent Data

Socially Intelligent Data


What is “Socially Intelligent Data”? Let me explain… We’ve just finished the massive process of linking over 10 million B2B records to their social media profiles on popular networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more. That means we can create lists for you based on self-reported information that is far more detailed than anything you can find in any list on the market.

Basically for socially intelligent data, the whole point is that since these records are linked to one or more social media profiles the fields that we can search by are almost limitless, but here are a few examples (in addition to the standard fields like title, company size, industry, etc.):

1) job description
2) professional and personal skills
3) personal interests
4) certifications
5) groups and associations they belong to
6) job history
7) education
8) company description
9) social activity or inactivity (actively posting, tweeting, updating?)
10) within post we can look for specific personal and professional events, i.e. vacation, conventions, trade shows, move, promotions, etc.

Here are some examples of lists we’ve recently been able to build very cost effectively for our clients (not that these are applicable to what you might be looking for, or that we are limited to these, just examples):

  • Microsoft Certified Engineers
  • Companies with in house gyms
  • Published authors
  • VMware users
  • Alumni of schools in the SEC
  • Business executives holding a PhD
  • Patent Holders
  • People who have recently changed jobs
  • Business executives concerned with environmental causes
  • Social media savvy business executives
  • Companies founded in the past 5 years
  • Certified Cisco engineers
  • Companies running IBM servers
  • Business people who speak multiple languages
  • …and much much more

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