Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Can Email List Boost Your Business

    It’s data driven
    Email lists allow your company to focus on a statistically based marketing campaign.

    Highly Targeted
    Email lists can be highly targeted to the exact specifications of your target market.

    Drive Direct Sales
    Purchasing an email lists can be directed toward an exact component of your business.

    Build Consistency
    Businesses make purchases only after consistent exposures to your marketing message.

  • What is the response rate for business to business email marketing?

    It will depend on the product or service your business sells, who you are targeting with your B2B marketing, and how your email marketing is written and delivered. Email marketing is very cost-effective when compared to the response rates and cost of other lead-generation techniques for business to business sales, such as direct mail, print and broadcast advertising, pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization.

  • Does Global Data Now offer a list rental where I can only use the data once, or do I have unlimited license to use the data?

    Global Data Now offers an unlimited license with every database. Most companies only rent you the data for one time use, though we allow you to use this database as many times as you want, however you want, for as long as you want. With Global Data Now you never have to rent the same list twice for two different campaigns, even if they are years apart. Use this database for an e-mail campaign tomorrow, a direct mail campaign next week, a tele-contact campaign next month, and then another email campaign a year from now; Global Data Now places no limits on how you can use the data.

  • What kind of guarantee do you offer regarding the quality of the data?

    Every record is guaranteed. If you find any incorrect data, send us back the record within 60 days of the delivery date indicating what part of the data is incorrect (bad phone number, email bounced, bad physical address, etc.), and we will correct or replace the record. We stand behind the quality of our data so firmly because of a process that we have developed to clean and verify the data before we send it out to you.

  • What fields are included in Global Data Now databases/lists?

    Usually, you can either rent only a list containing phone numbers and/or physical/mailing addresses, or a list of email addresses (which you typically never see). With Global Data Now you receive (and will have unlimited license for) all contact information. Below is a table that shows exactly which fields have been included in the database.

      • Company Name
      • Full contact name (separated into first and last name)
      • Title
      • Physical Address
      • City, State, Zip, Country
      • Main or Direct Phone Number
      • Email Address
      • URL/web address
      • Annual Revenue (where available)
      • Number of Employees (where available)
      • SIC Code(s) (where available)

  • What is the source of the data?

    Global Data Now has access to an original and unique source of information. This data has been compiled through years of direct marketing campaigns (email campaigns, tele-contact campaigns, and direct mail campaigns) run by Global Data Now, our partners, and our affiliates. The data has then been supplemented further by data appendage and collection from web based resources. No list that you purchase from Global Data Now will ever be a brokered list.

  • How will the data be sent to me?

    After receiving payment, we typically, we email our clients their database as a link to download within the link they will find an Excel spreadsheet. Though, if this does not work for you, our databases can be delivered in just about any format you request.

  • What types of titles are included in your feature databases?

    Since most of our feature databases only include contacts considered “Decision Makers”, we only include contacts at the manager level and above. You can typically expect a mix of Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, and C-Level contacts.

  • What industries are represented in your feature databases?

    All industries are included in most feature databases unless specifically stated otherwise. This includes, but is not limited to: manufacturing, technology, government, academic, transportation, business services, retail, aerospace, agriculture, telecom, and many more. Feel free to contact us for a detailed breakdown of the industries included in any particular feature or custom database that you might be interested in.

  • What is the geographic distribution of the contacts in most of your databases?

    Our databases cover all 50 states as well as Canada and can include records in Europe and from any country around the world if you would like. Most of our feature databases are 98% US contacts and 2% Canadian contacts though.

  • Do your databases include SIC or NAIC data for each company?

    In most of our feature databases about 70% of the records have SIC/NAIC data and we can compile custom lists by any SIC/NAIC you need. Call or email for a complete breakdown by SIC (industry) for any feature database.

  • Do your databases include revenue data or number of employees for each company?

    In most of our feature databases about 70% of the records have revenue (annual sales) information and employee information (number of employees) and we can compile custom lists based on this information. Call or email for a complete breakdown by company size for any feature database.

  • Can I see which companies are included in any of your feature databases?

    Yes, we can always send you a list of companies included in any feature or custom database. Email a request for a list of companies included in the database to your Global Data Now contact or to

  • Is there a minimum number of contacts I have to purchase and/or a minimum purchase price for all databases?

    We do not require a minimum quantity of contacts purchased per database. However, we do have a $800 minimum purchase price on all databases and this will typically get you up to 2,000 records.

  • When was the data last verified and updated?

    All of our featured databases are verified and updated every 45 to 60 days.

  • How does your pricing work/ what is your pricing structure?

    Our pricing is based mostly on the number of records within a database and typically is anywhere between $0.10/record to $0.50/record. Adding additional criteria to a custom list will usually increase the cost per record and decrease the number of records available, this will always increase the cost per record. Basically the more records you purchase the lower your cost per record.

  • Can you extract contacts from your database that are from a list of companies that I provide?

    Yes, we can certainly extract specific companies from the list, but naturally this will significantly reduce the number of records and increase the price per record. The magnitude of these changes will depend upon the number of companies that you would like to have extracted. To find out how many records we can provide and what the cost per record will be, simply email your list of companies to your Global Data Now contact or to

  • What has Global Data Now done to opt-in these contacts to receive information from me or my company?

    We leave the opting-in process and how the data that we provide is used completely in the hands of our clients. Because we are not renting access to the list/database, but rather providing our clients with non-exclusive ownership of it, we allow our clients to opt-in the contacts through their own marketing programs. In other words we can’t opt-in contacts specifically to be emailed by you. Being used by most of the largest companies in the country, email marketing has proved to be a very effective means of marketing and can easily be done ethically and legally if you follow certain guidelines.
    Check out the following guidelines to understand more about what it takes to be CANSPAM compliant:

  • What is the difference between a "feature" and a custom database?

    A custom database is a database that is built based on specifications that you provide (i.e. company size, SIC code or vertical market, title type, etc.). Once you provide us with these criteria we compile as many companies and contacts as we can that meet your criteria and then clean and verify the information in each record. The end result delivered to you is what we call a custom database. Custom databases are generally a bit more expensive than “feature” databases, which are “off-the-shelf” recently cleaned and verified databases of a set number of contacts, such as the 30,000 IT decision makers database. A custom database is typically between $0.20 and $0.95 per record, while a feature database is a fraction of that price per record. Also, feature databases can usually be delivered within 24 hours, while custom databases may take upwards up 3-5 days to process.

  • Can I get a sample of the type of records that are included in any of your databases?

    Yes, simply email a request for a few sample records from any feature database or with the criteria you are interested in to your Global Data Now contact or to and we will send you 10+ sample records from this database/list.

  • What do I need to do to purchase a database and receive it?

    When you are ready to move forward let us know and Global Data Now will send over a proposal for you to sign and email it back to For payment you can fill out and email the credit card authorization form at the end of the proposal or mail a check to the address listed in this document and on the proposal. If you need to have a PO number generated to have a check cut, you will need to make specific arrangements with your Global Data Now contact regarding the schedule of payment and delivery. We will begin processing the data for you as soon as we have received a signed proposal and payment. Once the data is ready we will email you with a link where you can download the list.

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