Email Appending

Email Appending


The larger your customer database the more difficult it can be to keep tabs on and keep up with all of your customers. To control your marketing budget you often have to find a careful balance between follow-up among existing clients and new customer acquisition. If that balance degrades then you’re either losing touch with existing clients or you’re not acquiring enough new business (if any).

Email appending ensures that you have a cost-effective way to stay in touch with your most receptive customers on a continuous basis. We utilize a list of your existing clients and use cutting edge proprietary technologies to append email addresses to your company’s existing database. Through automated and manual processes we help you identify and validate those email-addresses so you can reap the rewards of email marketing and put those contacts to good use.

  • Reduce in-house costs to locate customer contact info
  • Save money on direct and supportive content marketing
  • Engage your customers at your leisure without a concern for cost
  • Get your message in front of customers online, not in the garbage with the junk mail
  • Visibility builds brand power – customers will see you as a leader in your industry

The Savings

Traditional marketing to retain and land new clients is often expensive, particularly for direct marketing. Here’s a simple comparison to show you the value and savings behind email appending and marketing via your internal email lists.

Number of Records Impressions Per Year Approximate Total Cost
Direct Mail 10,000 3 $90,000
Email 10,000 Unlimited The cost of appending emails to your records
= $8,300

Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget with Email Appending

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