Database Cleansing and Analysis

Database Cleansing and Analysis


Many businesses and corporations compile customer information in some format or another. Unfortunately a large portion of that data is unusable because it’s unsorted and lacks structure. An incomplete database is costing you money to maintain but you’re gaining nothing from the information. Just a few common issues in businesses databases include:

  • Poor structure
  • Duplicate records
  • No data normalization
  • No segmentation

Database cleansing and analysis is designed to help you make use of the valuable data you have on hand. Imagine having a complete breakdown of annual revenue, employees size, NAIC or SIC code and much more. Data like this can tell you where the money is coming from and make you aware of any trends that are taking place in your market. We will pull apart, analyze, clean, and reassemble your corporate database, delivering a complete analysis of your customer and prospect base.

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