About Gobal Data Now

About Global Data Now


From day one, the founders of Global Data Now have been aware of the primary frustrations in the email marketing industry. Inferior lists, low quality list rental, record duplication and much more have made it extremely difficult for businesses to thrive. At its inception, we recognized that in order to serve our customers, we needed to listen more.

It was not enough to merely provide lists. We wanted to know how to provide better data, better access to information, tools to simplify the marketing process and more. Because of that commitment to quality and our unwavering devotion to our core values, the integrity of our business and services is never questioned.

Other providers of business lists are content to operate at the status quo, delivering routine lists to businesses in need. We choose to do more. We raise the bar and strive to exceed industry standards for accuracy and quality. Anything less can do harm to your business, and that is unacceptable.

Because of our attention to accuracy and our devotion to service, every one of our customers has saved money on building prospects, reduced their marketing budget and improved the return on their marketing investments.

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