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One of the greatest challenges to every business is in getting the word out to their customer base.

In a consumer-oriented business, social media, word-of-mouth and local advertising can be an effective source of new customers. However, if your business focuses on goods and services used by other businesses or institutions, these marketing methods can fall short. For example, can you name a manufacturer who encourages their employees to spend time on Facebook or Twitter? Unless these employees are actively seeking sales leads for their own company, generally, there are stiff penalties for employees who misuse company computers and time.

Traditionally, businesses who wished to reach decision makers in other businesses sent salespeople directly out into the field, visiting each laboratory in an institution or each office in a business. This might still be useful for certain organizations, but most businesses avoid this given the escalating costs of travel and staff. Furthermore, supervisors in the target companies, ever conscious of their own labor costs, are less welcoming to impromptu sales visits, seeing them as inconveniences, thereby leaving the client with a negative first impression.

One way a business can make contact with their targeted decision maker market is through e-mail and direct marketing. However, obtaining customer lists can be a time consuming task. Trade shows and cold calling can yield some results, but because labor is typically the most costly ingredient in any product or service, companies guard the time of their key decision makers jealously, making it extremely difficult to connect with the people who really need what your business has to offer.



An excellent solution to this problem is to connect with a company to buy e-mail lists or customer databases. Most e-mail list providers will only rent their lists for a specific number of uses. They make their money by renting the list repeatedly and they have little interest in the quality of the contacts on that list. A far better situation is one in which you can connect with a firm to customize and purchase an e-mail list. Ownership of your customer leads is one of the main assets of your firm, and buying an e-mail list can be a great way to start.

A business can gain a competitive advantage by designing their own custom client e-mail list. When connecting with a firm to design and buy an e-mail list, consider your target market carefully. It serves no purpose to look for customers that you cannot service. Consider the location of your customers, the type of industry, and start by contracting for a list that you can easily manage.

As your business grows, you can always go back to the e-mail list company and ask the firm to expand on the original list, either in number of contacts, or by including other geographic locations or other industries. An e-mail list provider that offers personal customer support will be the best choice to start. They have a stake in your business’s success. An excellent firm will offer a guarantee on the quality of their lists.

When buying an e-mail list, look for a complete database on the customer, such as contact name, institution, complete mailing address, phone number, direct email address, etc. The more informed a business’s sales force is, the better they can create targeted sales materials. When a business purchases an e-mail list, they allow their sales force to move from information-gathering activities to revenue-generating activities. This makes better use of a sales professional’s time.

Ownership of both e-mail and postal addresses allow a business to use not only e-mail but also direct mail to reach their customers. Sometimes, a direct mailing of postcards announcing a new web address or special incentives is more effective than cold calling or advertisements sent in sealed envelopes. Sales can then follow up the direct mailing with an e-mail or a phone call to make a connection.

All businesses should consider designing and possibly consider the option to buy email lists when starting or enhancing their marketing efforts. Connecting with an e-mail list firm saves time and money and frees the sales staff to concentrate on bringing in revenue instead of finding customer leads. It is best to purchase full ownership of your e-mail contact list rather than renting because a business’s customer base is one of its most important assets.

Ownership also avoids licensing pitfall and legal issues that can arise with list rental companies. An excellent firm provides full contact information including a mailing address and phone along with direct e-mail contacts to allow for a multilevel marketing campaign. An excellent e-mail list firm also includes full customer service and offers guarantees on the quality of their e-mail list. Business success hinges on the effectiveness of their marketing, and buying e-mail lists enhances profitability.



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